Spoken Gospel is a non-profit that speaks the gospel out of every corner of Scripture. We are making introduction videos for every book of the Bible using spoken word poetry to tell the story.

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Biblical Study, Poetry, Short Films, Christian


Oklahoma City, OK

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David Bowden, Founder
Eric Smith, Executive Director
Drew Chancey, Director of Production

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Frequently asked questions

How many videos are you planning on making?

We are starting with 60, which will cover every book of the Bible by combining a few of the books into their original, Hebrew design (i.e. - Ezra-Nehemiah, 1&2 Kings, ...). We have several ideas for other videos after these are completed, though. We want to continue to make high-quality and compelling content to help people engage with their Bibles and see Jesus.

Why is it so important to see Jesus in the whole Bible?

We believe that Paul was right when he said that a veil remains over the Bible, so that people cannot see the light of glory it holds. We also believe that Paul was right when he told us that only through Christ is the veil taken away so that we can see the light of the Gospel of the glory of Christ. In fact, it is this glory of Christ revealed in all of Scripture that transforms us into the image of Jesus’ glory (2 Cor. 3-4). Therefore, the only glory of Christ revealed in Scripture transforms lives. Engaging with Scripture in any other way, while it will surely offer moral and intellectual benefits to its readers, will result in harm. Harm may seem like a strong word, but anything that distracts anyone from seeing the glory of Christ in order to set their eyes on anything else, no matter how noble, is harmful to at least a small degree. In its most innocuous form, not seeing Christ’s glory in all of Scripture has led to many Christians simply missing out on the fullness of beauty and intimacy that can be found in the pages of Scripture. In its most harmful form, not seeing Christ in all of Scripture leads many believers to suffer from the pangs of moralism, legalism, and self-righteousness.

Do you plan to translate these video into other languages?

Yes! We are intentionally creating these videos with a voiceover, so that we can translate them into other languages. We are passionate about helping people across the world engage with their Bibles more deeply in every language, even sign languages!

How much do these videos cost?

They are free! Anyone can stream them online at SpokenGospel.com. It is our goal to offer all our videos to the public for free forever. This is made possible by a group of generous supporters who have decided to join us in our mission. You can help us make more of these free videos by pointing people to SpokenGospel.com/donate.

What is Spoken Gospel?

Spoken Gospel is a non-profit that speaks the gospel out of every corner of Scripture. We are making introduction videos for every book of the Bible using spoken word poetry to tell the story.


Molly G., YouTube

I’m reading through Exodus currently and this video honestly has given me motivation to thoroughly read through every chapter.

Leo J., Facebook

This is so beautiful! I’ve never understood sin atonement like I have today through the teaching of your video. God bless you for this wonderful work.

Jake S., YouTube

Wow. In tears watching this. Thank y’all for all of your hard work, thoughtfulness, and artistry. I ended the video compelled to worship Him....

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